Owners: Jerry and Cheryl Wetherington
Year : 1936 Chevrolet Standard Sedan – All Steel

The car was completely disassembled and stripped to back to raw metal Each piece of the car was painted individually and then reassembled. All rusty metal was replaced. The body was left basically stock with all bumpers and brackets chromed The car took 15 months to build with all mechanical work being done by the owners.

The car is a long haul driver and as Cruisemaster of the GSR I fully intend to cover the state of Florida for a beginning. Real Street Rods are for Driving…so let’s Cruise

Paint : Dupont Poppy Red Pearl
Engine : Chevrolet 383 Stroker 425 H.P.
Transmission : TCI Turbo 350 Automatic
Front end : Mustang II with power disk brakes and rack and pinion steering
Rear end : 9 inch Ford with power disk brakes
Power door locks, windows and seats
Upholstery : Blue tweed with leather accent
Overhead console with digital stereo and 10 CD changer
Air Conditioning : Vintage Air