The history of this great car is as follows:  My Uncle George purchased the car new in the Summer of 1956 and kept it garaged at his Queens, NY home until June of 1994 when he gifted the car to me.  The last year in which he registered the vehicle was 1987, so it sat for seven years prior to my bringing it to Gainesville.


It is one of about 6,680 New Yorker St Regis models built and it has the three tone paint combination.  It is powered by a 354 CI Hemi engine and came from the factory with a Carter four barrel carb and dual exhaust. 1956 was the first year for push button transmissions as well as twelve volt batteries systems.  It was repainted last year for the first time in its life.  L&S Auto did the leather interior back in 1996 and the paint and body work was done last year by Gary Jamison.